Classic product display platform, ZHookCMS system

GoldenCrop Oy, one of the largest Asian food import trader in Finland. “Concise & Efficient information delivery platform”, they said.

Having access to the right information empowers business people to perform to the best of their ability. For regular business users – our sales people, warehouse managers, call center team leaders, the executive team – who are often time-poor, this means you need to package up information for them in a way they can just pick up and use, so they can get quick answers to their most important questions.

Through many discussion with the trading field specialist, a couple of common themes emerged, which we believe should be at the heart of any information delivery platform (or, in fact, any business intelligence tool that is a targeting a wider audience of business users):

Ease of creation: to keep pace with business change you need the ability to publish new information, fast. So, you don’t want to be dependent on busy developers. Instead, you need an easy way for non-programmers to create the kind of information applications and interactive dashboards your business users need.

Ease of consumption: to guarantee high adoption rates, your business users must be able to pick-up and use these information applications and interactive dashboards without needing any training.

And it came with the customized web design, ZHookCMS system.

Client: GoldCrop Oy

Category: Website Development

Date: Feb 2018

Responsive layout

Makes your web page look good on all devices (desktops, tablets, and phones).


Developed with a carefully planned search engine optimized content strategy.

Easy of operation

Simple and clear structure, clear logic, easy to use.

HTML5 + CSS3 design

Compatible with major browsers.


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